Carbon Dioxide Measurement

Product code: CarboCheck
General Application

As the world’s leading CO2 monitor and control system, CarboCheck uses the well known saturation pressure / temperature technique for accurate, non-sampling measurement.

CarboCheck can be used for measurement alone or configured as a control system.

Working Principle

The CarboCheck sensor features a silicone rubber membrane, through which the dissolved CO2 permeates into a sealed, evacuated chamber. The partial pressure of the gas is then measured and displayed by the analyser / control unit as a CO2 content.

The system incorporates a vacuum exhauster to regularly evacuate the sensor, providing continual, accurate measurement of dissolved CO2. The analyser / control unit can be linked to a carbonation system to enable fully integrated CO2 measurement, injection and control.

Main Applications

- Beer carbonation ex-filter
- Mineral waters carbonation
- Sparkling wines carbonation
- In-line CO2 monitoring on brewery and soft drinks packaging lines
- Carbonation of pre-mixed drinks

  • Accurate monitoring and control ofdissolved CO2 levels in carbonated beverages
  • Accurate to +/-0.02 vol/vol (+/-0.04 g/l)
  • Hygienic fitting, can be cleaned in-place
  • No sampling or product by-passlines
  • Available as single/ dual channel controller or up to 4 channel monitor
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • No moving parts
  • Improved 'right first time'carbonation figures in-line or in-tank
  • More efficient process control