British Rototherm: Made to measure

British Rototherm: Made to measure
24 August 2018

A big thank you to The Manufacturer for such a great article about our company. You have truly captured our British essence, documented heritage, lean culture and passion to better ourselves on a daily basis.

It was a pleasure to host the Digitalisation Debate & Networking Event back in May. You are welcome any time! 🙂

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With a heritage dating back to the 1840's, British Rototherm is a world-leader in the supply of industrial instrumentation and services. Jonny Williamson reports on the 170-year-old manufacturer with the heart of a start-up.

British Rototherm can trace its history back to 1847, when Sydney Smith Dennis of Nottingham invented and patented the world’s first steam pressure gauge. Incidentally, he also worked together with George Stephenson to measure the pressure on the infamous ‘rocket’ steam locomotive.

Since then, Rototherm has grown to become globally celebrated for its temperature, pressure, level and flow measurement solutions, serving a wide variety of sectors including energy, beverage, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, water, transport and defence.

Any business that’s been around long enough to see six monarchs on the throne risks inertia, and it’s fair to stay that an air of complacency had permeated the atmosphere at Rototherm’s Port Talbot facility.

To say that Rotoherm has undergone a change since being bought by brothers Oliver and Tarkan Conger in 2010 would be an understatement. The cultural ‘root and branch’ transformation the pair have instigated has been nothing short of exceptional.

While previously every decision had to be funnelled through one individual – a significant inhibitor to flexibility, agility and innovation, the Conger brothers have created a far flatter hierarchy comprised of a dedicated, knowledgeable workforce who’ve been given the autonomy to make decisions and suggest changes.

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