Loma Systems/Lock Inspection Partnership

Loma Systems/Lock Inspection is the global leader in the design and manufacture of metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection systems for the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Their products are uniquely engineered to facilitate compliance with international product safety standards, weight legislation and retailers' codes of practice, whilst identifying product defects and eliminating contaminants for consistent quality.

Rototherm Group's extensive knowledge and expertise regarding sterility, precision and regulations within the Pharmaceutical sector developed through our manufactured products and application understanding has enabled us to provide a full support solution for our Pharmaceutical customers with extra value added.

Rototherm Group has further enhanced its offering to the Pharmaceutical sector by announcing a partnership with Loma Systems/Lock Inspection. This agreement will involve the sale of the metal detection, check weighing & X-ray inspection systems exclusively addressed to the UK Pharmaceutical market.

Rototherm Group has in-depth application knowledge, support and service experience within the Loma Systems/Lock Inspection portfolio thanks to our Irish subsidiary (Bentley Instruments) that have been supporting these products within Ireland for the past 20 years. Rototherm Group will also provide spare parts, service, commissioning and calibration support within the UK Pharmaceutical Market.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]