Mashing Bath for Extract Measurement

Product code: CT4 Mashing Bath

  • Mashing bath for measurementof extract by IOB, EBC and ASBCprocedures
  • Stainless steel bath with integralpump for circulation of waterthrough heater box and bathBeakers in the bath are stirredusing magnetic followers and allsamples are mashed and cookedtogether
  • Bath is designed to be fullyautomatic, and manual control ispossible if required
  • PLC Control
  • Colour graphics with touch display
  • Programmable delayed start
  • Audible alarm
  • Bath temperature controlled byinternal attemperation unit
  • Temperature measured andcontrolled to +/- 0.2℃
  • Low level water cut out
  • Accurate water dispense(+/- 5ml) to all beakers in less than2 minutes
  • Simple touch screen access tovolume calibrations
  • Real time trending of machinesequence
  • Remote servicing available viamodem
  • Two automatic pre-programmedmashing sequences
  • Data storage of last 30 processes
  • Overview screen to monitor allcontrol I/O operations