Multi-Stage & Multi-Hole Restriction Orifice Assemblies

Product code: MSROs
Flanged assembly consisting of a series of orifice plates to produce a specified reduction in line pressure or to create a critical flow, giving controlled flow rate regardless of changes in downstream conditions. In-house expertise covers all aspects of design and manufacture associate with restriction of pressure for control purposes.

  • Cavitation Elimination
  • Preventing flashing in liquid flows
  • Choked flow in gases
  • Noise/Vibration Reduction
  • Permanent Pressure Reduction
  • Feed & Vent Flow
  • Pressure drop

Additional Information

Rototherm team is experienced and set-up to handle flow based projects. Our large team of project engineers handle all aspects of project management, design, documentation, testing and communications with our customers to allow for projects to be delivered 100% to scope of supply and on-time. We pride ourselves on meeting this.

Our testing services typically include:
- Hydrostatic Pressure Test
- X-Ray (Welds)
- Dye Penetrant Inspection
- Ultrasonic examination
- Magnetic Particle Inspection
- Charpy Impact Testing
- Hardness Survey
- Independent 3rd Party Inspection