DSG-10 Model

Product code: DSG-10 Model
Complimenting the styling of the TM22 and PM series, the DGS-10 - Gas Leak Detector or ''Gas Sniffer'' has been specifically designed for HVAC engineers when pinpointing flammable gases in both residential and commercial applications.

The DGS-10 has a long flexible goose neck and small sensor head to allow it's use in tight, difficult to reach areas. Illuminating the area around the leak is made easy with a unique 'tip-light' incorporated into the sensor head.

  • Simple, adjustable tic rate increases as the sensor tip approaches a leak
  • Audible and visual tic-rate, fully adjustable
  • Long 400mm gooseneck for remote access
  • LED-Light illuminates the tip sensing area
  • High sensitivity provides accurate detection
  • Rubber boot protects instrument