SMARTReader - Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (connected to Rochester Gauge)

Our remote tank monitoring solution compatible with any Rochester gauge

Product code: SMARTReader
SMARTReader offers customers a competitive edge by providing cost-effective remote fuel level monitoring. Fuel level information is essential to effectively manage inventory, improve delivery efficiency and ensure there is enough fuel for continuous generator operation during power outages. The device is powered from a dual supply to ensure it never goes offline.

The SMARTReader reads an analogue voltage from the Rochester R3D remote ready dial and Hall Effect module and scales it into a percentage volume measurement.

The information is transmitted along with current GPS location and system diagnostics to our state of the art secure online remote monitoring data portal, SMARTData Portal, that gathers all your data from your instrumentation and lets you monitor all your sites remotely 24/7/365.

  • Suitable for tanks ≥ 250 gallons
  • Dual Supply Voltage Inputs
  • Integrated GPS module
  • 3G or 4G
  • Compilable multiple R3D gauges
  • Connects to our SMARTData Portal
  • Simple to install